ok guys now get this:

The zodiac killer refers to the zodiac, and the term 'zodiac killer' has 12 letters. 

the zodiac also has 12 signs. One of those signs is cancer, which is represented by a sideways 69. 

cancer has 6 letters. 12/6=2.  (1)

now for the the 69 to be sideways that means that its rotated left or right 90 degrees. 

left has four letters and right has five letters. 4+5=9 (2)

Now, take 90-9=81 (3)

81, 69, 12, and 6 are all multiples of 3. But wait, theres more. 

69-12=57. 57+6=63. 63/9 (from equation 2) is 7. 7+2=9, and 81-9=9. 

illuminati has 10 letters. 10 letters into 9, from above, is 90. rotating 69 by 90 degrees gets us a zodiac symbol. 

Now where does two come in, you might ask. It's simple, really. two has three letters. 2 plus three is five, and five has four letters. 2+3+4 is 9, which has been used, but 2 into 3 into 4 is 24, which is also the twelve letters of zodiac killer plus the twelve zodiac symbols. Notice that almost every number i've used is a multiple of three. All of these multiples are listed out below:

3, 69, 12, 24, 57, 63, 81, 90, 9...

there are nine terms in the list. nine is three squared, or three to the power of two. as discussed before, two leads to nine by addition. nine over three is three. You know how many sides a triangle has?




can someone rate my music

2017-04-26 22:05:55 by FyreDrakon

All it takes is just clicking on my profile and listening to my audio, then leaving a review and a rating so I can improve. 

please i beg of you

if you did thanks

Poll: Chicken or Turkey?

2017-04-15 13:18:39 by FyreDrakon

Which bird do you like to eat, the white cock with red feathers or the stuffed Thanksgiving staple?


2017-04-08 16:06:08 by FyreDrakon


The Audio Portal Spectrum

2017-03-27 18:00:38 by FyreDrakon

I've noticed a trend in the audio portal lately, and it's been bugging me. There are many people who post music on Newgrounds, but only some of it is good music. The rest falls into the category of ignored or unnoticed. 

For instance, music made by a popular person (DJVI comes to mind) is instantly rated and gets tons of views. There's nothing wrong with that, because they deserve those views. But then, we get to the next tier, the pretty good music made by individuals that, while it gets some views, usually ends up being ignored. There are very few people in this category, but they'll improve and become popular. That's alright as well. 

Now comes the next large tier; the group of people who make music that's overall eh. Their music is just average. But here's the problem, very few of them ever get recognized. It's much harder for them to become popular even when they do improve, because it's hard for them to improve as nobody really says anything, and nobody leaves a rating. 

Finally, we reach the bottom tier of music, the one full of horrible things that make you want to die. These kinds of songs have two things happen to them:

1) they get featured (somehow), usually due to something else, or 

2) recieve mass amounts of negative reviews, which often follows the first if it happens at all. 

What I'm trying to say here is that the really good songs and the really bad songs both get attention, whether it's reviews or whether its ratings. But the middle tier, the one that I fall into (as far as I can tell, as I've never gotten a bad rating on any of my songs), is often ignored, and it's hard to come up with music when you realize nobody's really gonna appreciate it, or like it, or anything. I mean, it can't really be that hard to leave a review on a song, whether you like it or not. So people out there (if you're reading this at all), when you use the audio portal, please, if you find an unrated song, that doesn't mean it's bad. It's just lonely, and in desperate need of a review (or two).